Asia is known for its delicious cuisine, picturesque landscapes and ancient traditions. You will find radiant beaches, mountain peaks reaching into the sky, pristine rainforests and bustling cities full of motorised rickshaws. Exploring Asia remains an unforgettable experience. In Vietnam, immerse yourself in the authentic lifestyle of the colourful mountain peoples and admire the mysterious Halong Bay. Bustling cities, lavishly decorated temples, fragrant markets and exotic jungles adorn Thailand. Have you ever come face-to-face with an elephant? The chances of doing so in Sri Lanka are pretty high. This island is also blessed with mountainous lands, rolling tea plantations and ancient, royal cities. From the Buddhist Borobudur on Java to green rice terraces of paradisical Bali: multi-faceted Indonesia has it all. What else do all these destinations have in common? Friendly locals who welcome you with eternal smiles and tropical, relaxing beaches. In short, Asia offers something for everyone.

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